Gilbert and Stephanie  "A Barn is a wonderful place for a intimate wedding. This barn was the home of race horses, and my favorite place to play going up. When I got married I couldnt think of a better place then close to home ( I'm my case at my childhood home). A Barn has lots of character and fun lighting.

Jamil and Caitlin "We had some specific ideas for our wedding. As people who enjoy nature and the outdoors, we wanted a venue with space to be outside, and a rustic, natural feeling inside. With people flying in from three continents, we wanted to be sure we had enough space for everyone to move around, catch up, and enjoy the beautiful Maine scenery. This venue met our expectations in every way. The large lawn, set back in a seemingly isolated space, made us feel like we were out enjoying nature away from the world. The barn felt natural, relaxed, and real – unlike many barns that seem to be trying to jump on the barn-wedding craze by making a new space feel old.  Stepping inside the Walton’s barn feels like stepping into the past,  but with beautiful lights dotting the ceiling, and space for everyone to eat, drink, dance, and be merry. What topped this all off, and really made the evening perfect, were the Walton’s themselves. From the first time we met them, Robin and Mark really listened to us and what we wanted – it felt like they understood our vision, and then set forth assisting in every way to make it a reality. They helped us as we set up the day before – Mark particularly went to great lengths to help my father figure out a very specific set up I wanted for the speakers, while Robin kept tabs on every detail, ensuring it was coming together and that we had everything we needed. The day of the wedding would not have been so smooth if not for them. Tension runs high on a wedding day, and little details can be forgotten (and family members can make you crazy!) – Robin and Mark were there every step of the way, ensuring everything was coming together and that everyone was having a good time. Their extra step of clearing dishes was above and beyond – a detail we had not considered went from what could have been chaos to a smooth transition from dinner to dancing, with guests unaware of any of it. I was really specific about a lot of what I wanted for my wedding. Robin and Mark made sure that became a reality. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone for its beautiful outdoor space, classic barn, and truly kind people that are there every step of the way.

Brent and Kaitlin  "I cannot say how grateful I am for Robin and Mark, for letting Brent and I use their barn and their yard for our special day. They were there whenever we needed them and they cared a great deal making sure our day was great. I will always recommend them, and their barn! Thank you so much Robin and Mark!"

Tyler and Adrienne "A Barn allowed us to see our dream wedding come to life. Not only was the venue beautiful, but Mark and Robin also worked alongside us to make the whole process simple and stress-free.

Judy Wolf  "Oh my goodness, where to begin…j/k. Everything was fabulous! And truly, you anticipated our every need. You had everything prepared so well and things went so smoothly (as far as I knew! except the appetizers, which I take the blame for not having a designated server and appreciate so much that you jumped in!) From the parking to the pressed table linens, use of your beautiful home, staging area for dishes, etc. You set out great lawn games, built a wonderful fire, the grounds were beautifully manicured, the barn a knock-out. You were always available to us every time we came by and helped us create the vision. You were outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.